Support Our Efforts


Thank you for being interested in supporting our trip and Hillary’s campaign! Below are a number of ways you can get involved.

Share our Story:  This trip will have an impact to the extent that it reaches people across the country so we need you to help spread the word. By sharing our story and this website to your friends, family, and anyone in between you help us reach more and more people! You can also follow us on Instagram @RidingHillsforHillary and get your friends to do the same.

Support Hillary: Fundraising is one of the most important ways our trip will support Hillary’s campaign. By using our trip to raise money for Hillary we enable, among other things, her campaign to hire on-the-ground folks to target important battleground areas where we can only spend a day or two on our journey. We have a unique fundraiser link that allows us to track the money we have raised during our journey, so if you are inspired to support our trip please donate to Hillary’s campaign.We will post updates on the amount we have raised as we go along!

Alternatively, the Clinton campaign is always looking for volunteers, and this is just as important as money. So if you have time this fall to make phone calls or travel to battleground locations, sign up to volunteer.

Support our Trip: We are unpaid activists volunteering our time for this campaign effort. If you feel inspired to help us cover some of the financial costs of this project (equipment, bike repairs, food, stove fuel, accommodations, return tickets, etc.), please feel free to visit our Indiegogo fundraiser. We appreciate any support!

Ride With Us: If you live anywhere along our route and want to join for a day or two or more we would love to have you! Contact us via email and we can make plans.

Connect Us: Here is our tentative route to Columbus, so if you know anyone along the way who would take in four bikers for a night, a meal, or even just a shower, that would be awesome! Our route afterwards is unclear but we will head to Colorado, then Nevada and California. Furthermore, if you know people within Hillary’s campaign or journalists who could help share our story we would love to be connected.