Madisonian State of the Biking Union


A big Wisconsin hallo to you all from the capital city, Madison. Madison is pretty ideally sandwiched between two lovely lakes (the technical term is isthmus), which makes for super exciting times. The town is also the most biker-friendly city we have traveled through, with peachy bike routes crossing this way and that up and around the lakes and through The Downtown, as well as yuuuge number of bikers taking to the streets. It’s almost as if they designed the place to be biker-friendly…crazy liberals!

We have a couple longer posts up (see the one on canvassing and on the debate coming soon), so this update will be rather short and sweet. After a restful time in Columbus with the dear Frankie Jeney and Jeney family, we convinced Sir Frank to take to the road with us on our way to Grand Rapids. He conveniently joined for the sunny day, and let us take on heavy rain for the next two days (our bikes almost sank). When we made it to the Grandest of Rapids we all hopped into a warm shower and resolved to be better about doing our sun salutations to bring back the blue skies.

Something must have worked because our two biking days since have been blue skies and smooth sailing. Speaking of sailing, we actually hopped on a ferry across Lake Michigan, which made for a glorious ride to Milwaukee. It was extremely exciting to be traveling on something not powered by our own legs, big salute to the internal combustion engine!

We canvassed in Columbus, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, and now Madison as well. Hitting the campaign trail hard. On to Iowa manana!



Miles: 520 (including one 99 mile day, which is heartbreakingly close to 100)

Bugs Taken Straight to the Eyeballs: ~2 per hour in Wisconsin

Bon Iver New Album Listens Since Release: ~20 (it is super glorious, check it out!)

Poison Ivy Contractions: 2

Times Yelled at by Ferry Captain for Jumping Over Rails: 1 (another would have resulted in a plank walk)

Max Inches of Rain in 24 Hour Period: still waiting to hear from trip statisticians




One thought on “Madisonian State of the Biking Union

  1. CSA

    Thank you so much for what you all are doing – I love reading the posts – so appreciate the commentary, often laugh out loud at your observations and am really enjoying the vicarious ride along ( from my chair here in Oakland) as I imagine you peddling hard all those long miles in the saddle – photos are great too. Thank you – thank you!!!


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