Day Nine, Feeling Fine

Just when you thought we had ridden right into the Erie Canal never to emerge again, we are back on the scene- coming at you live from Rochester, NY. Today was our first rest day, and rest we did here in New York’s third largest city, formerly known as “the Young Lion of the West.” (Unclear why). We found said rest in various places including, but not limited to, cemeteries, couches, a coffee shop, and the beach. Before indulging further details on our day of repose, let us rewind to where we last left off. We shot out of Williamstown faster than a hot knife through butter, slowing only for stellar views, Mere’s bike malfunctions, snack breaks, swimming spots, and to disseminate Hillary stickers to new pals. Later in the day, we were joined by Ben’s aunt, uncle, and cousin, who not only graced us with their joyous presence, but with homemade granola and challah as well. After parting ways we journeyed West in search of water, only to find much more than said thirst quenching nectar of the earth. As we rolled into downtown Schenectady, we were instantly immersed in a lively scene going down on the porch the local Trump-supporting biker bar. After initially being told that we probably shouldn’t hang out by this bar given our obvious political affiliations (our Hillary-mobiles are very well decorated), we were treated to a round of beers and engaged in open conversations about politics, perceptions of blue collar work, and what it means to be an American. 

This action packed day was followed by two more days along the Erie Canal trail. Along our journey, we swam, snacked, camped, biked, biked, biked and biked. We are starting to get pretty good at this whole biking thing. Tomorrow we ride to Buffalo! (Riding on Buffalo could happen further West… stay tuned).

Love and chain grease,

Meredith, Ben, Jamie, & Mike


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