Thighday Friday (and Thursday)

Ahoy! Since we last checked in, we’ve been doing nothing but biking up hills, sleeping eating, and defeating voter apathy across New England. Well not quite, but we have biked across not one but two (!) more states (they pack the states in tight round these parts) and now write from Williamstown, MA.

Let’s see, we start back in Hopkinton, NH. Following a delicious and filling breakfast with Mr. Brad Kuster, we tried to convince him to join us on the road but instead left him crushing miles on the stationary bike (it all counts!). With Brad in spirit if not in body, we then cruised up a few hills before dipping our glistening bicycle bodies into Island Lake. From there we rode to Keene, NH, where we met two very keen ladies in front of cafe. After a long conversation in the sun about how to approach the “Bernie or Bust” liberals abound in New Hampshire and Vermont, one of the ladies we were speaking to, a local Rabbi also riding a bicycle, escorted us to the nearby “Hillary for New Hampshire Office.”

Upon entering the office we were welcomed as young champions of the liberal cause. They actually seemed ecstatic that young bucks and lassies such as ourselves were embarking on such a journey in support of Hillary, and demanded we have a photoshoot, saying “our social media people will love this!” and “are you guys really going to San Francisco?!?”Supposedly we had just missed the governor, but spent 30 minutes chatting with state senator Molly Kelly and candidate Jay Kahn while we devoured all the snacks in their building and stuffed our pockets with more goodies for the road. We also very nearly convinced Hillary Clinton (also in the building, see photos) to hop in the saddle for the ride to Vermont. When we made it to Brattleboro, our host, Elizabeth, demonstrated her incredible telepathic abilities by asking us if we wanted to go swimming before we even opened our mouths.

After a lovely evening with fantastic Vermont food at Elizabeth and John’s, Ben woke up with a sharp pain in his right knee. Although some advocated for amputation, WebMD recommended Advil so we went for that instead. Ben, misreading 4-6 hours on the box for the dosage, popped six Advil at 8:30 a.m. (not recommended by WebMD) and was subsequently unable to feel his body. PSA: Read the instructions on a pill bottle carefully before swallowing.

We took Frost’s (and John’s) advice and elected for the road less travelled by on our ride out of Brattleboro, and it did indeed make all the difference. On a mixture of dirt and tarmac we travelled through green rolling hills, picturesque small farms, and rivers running thick with maple syrup (yes, the rumors are true!). The rumors are also true that Vermont is Bernie country through and through, as most dems only support Hillz out of necessity, while their hearts stubbornly “Feel the Bern.”

Don’t worry, we tried our best to inform the Bernie diehards that we are #strongertogether

Mike, Mere, Ben, and Jamie


Total Miles: 131.7

Road Kill: >15 per day including a tortoise and an eagle :(((

Top Speed: Greyhound (39.7 mph)

Advil’s Consumed: 6 (at once)







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