Conquering Concord

We are plumb tuckered out after a day slogging in the sun, canvassing for Hillary, so this post will be short and sweet. After a luxurious sleep-in, we, along with our plus-one Annie Trowbridge, zoomed over to the Concord, NH Democratic Campaign office for a brief training. Our new pal Reuben, a Clinton campaign employee, taught us all we needed to know about door to door canvassing and then let us loose on the streets with nothing but a clipboard, a stack of literature, and high spirits. After pumping up to “Lucky” by Britney Spears, we set out to talk politics with the masses. Results were varied, and indeed the police were called on one of us, but overall it was a successful journey. We got eight people to sign “I commit to vote for Hillary” cards, and talked to several others who were also inclined to vote blue. Upon completion of our canvassing mission, we retired back to St. Paul’s where we ate a long awaited lunch and went for our second swim of the day. Then we saddled up our steel stallions and rode off into the sunset.

As we write, we are staying in the lovely abode of none other than New Hampshire congresswoman, Annie Kuster. She is currently down in D.C. doing that congress thang, but her husband, Brad, treated us to a glorious banquet of pasta, burgers, and corn. We are now feeling fully carbo-loaded to jet onwards towards Vermont. Stay tuned.


Pre-Canvas Dance Party Warm Up 
FYI: Canvassing is within your rights and NOT illegal, so get out there!
Stronger Together Baby

Love trumps hate,

Meredith, Ben, Jamie, Mike, and Annie


Miles Biked: 9.5 miles

Time Biking: 37.5 min.

Number of voters committed to vote for Hillary: 8

Number of run ins with the po-po: 1

Arrests evaded: 5

Number of undecided voters persuaded to vote for Hillary: 1 (score for smooth talking Ben)

Number of week old donuts consumed: 7

Swim of the day: Lower School Pond



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